Condo Tanks / Basking Tanks
These condos are made of acrylic and can be be attached to any standard sized aquarium.

They increase the space of your present tank for aquatic or terrestrial animals.

Screen tops are used where you need to put heat or UV lamps on top. Hinged screen tops allow 1/2 of the top to be opened without moving domed heat or UV lights. The tops are ordered separately and the cost is not included in the condo price. They are shipped with the condo.

Acrylic tops are used to hold high humidity. These are ordered separately and can be shipped with the condo.

Condo's and tops can be shipped on UPS up to 48 x 18 size. For larger sizes shipping has to be quoted.

The standard height of the acrylic condo is 12" but can be made other heights.

Condo's can be attached to your present tank or to our tanks with Velcro. This way they can also be removed.

Note: Picture is shown with end cutout for filter tube. This can be done for an additional $10.

These tanks are acrylic: Any blue in pictures is a protective peel.
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Condo Tank Sample Image
30 x 12 Condo30 x 12 x 12 tall Condo and Basking Addition$180 
36 x 12 Condo36 x 12 x 12 tall Condo and Basking Addition$240 
36 x 18 condo36 x 18 x 12 tall Condo and Basking Addition$264 
48 x 12 Condo48 x 12 x 12 tall Condo and Basking Addition$269 
48 x 18 Condo48 x 18 x 12 tall Condo and Basking Addition$293 
48 x 24 Condo48 x 24 x 12 tall Condo and Basking Addition$418 
72 x 18 Condo72 x 18 x 12 tall Condo and Basking Addition$480