Glass Turtle Tanks / Acrylic Turtle Tanks (Turtle Aquariums)
You can pick a size of glass aquarium that you want and we'll add the basking platform and ramp to the tank for the prices below. We list some of the favorite sizes but you can have any size aquarium you need.
  • Customizations
    • Tank Sizes At our discretion tank sizes can be customized to your needs.
    • Holes Holes can be drilled in the aquariums.
    • Dividers Dividers can be placed in the tank at varying heights.
    • Ramps Glass ramps with silicon beads to help with traction are available.
    • Basking Platforms Basking platforms can be added and attached to ramps as needed.
    • Screen Tops Metal screen tops are available for all turtle tanks. Heat lamps and UV lamps can be placed directly on the metal screen tops.
  • Glass Turtle Tank vs Acrylic Turtle Tank
    • Glass Glass does not scratch easily and they can be made from almost any size aquarium. Generally, these are preferred over acrylic because turtles' toes may scratch.
    • Acrylic Only acrylic turtle aquariums are shippable via UPS. That is their main advantage. An acrylic turtle aquarium is also lighter than its glass counterpart.
  • Turtle Tank Shipping
    Smaller acrylic turtle tanks can be shipped via regular UPS.
    You'll need to email us to get a shipping price. Keep reading...
    Glass tanks must be delivered on one of our own trucks or shipped via a common carrier.
    Common carrier shipping is typically expensive relative to delivery on our trucks. We highly suggest picking up your tank on our of our delivery routes. (See delivery schedule link at the very top of the webpage.)

  • Glass Types
    • Regular Plate Glass As is common in most aquariums, we use regular plate glass.
    • Low-Iron Glass Low-Iron glass is available at an additional cost. Low-Iron glass provides a clearer view of colors than regular aquariums.
  • Understanding Sizes
    • Gallonage is approximate Gallonage is used as a name only. For actual tank sizes please go by their listed dimensions.
    • Dimensions All tanks are listed in this format: length X width X height
  • Stands and Canopies
    Stands and Canopies are sold separately. Please view their categories on the left side of the page.
(All customizations carry additional costs. - Prices listed below are for the base tank only unless otherwise noted.)
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180 Wide Turtle Tank (Front) Turtle Tank Ramp & Platform Turtle Tank Ramp & Platform Turtle Tank Ramp & Platform
180 Wide Turtle Tank (Side) Turtle Tank with Ramp and Lowered Platform Turtle Tank with Circular Platform Turtle Tank with Circular Platform (Closeup)
Acrylic Turtle Tank with Ramp & Platform
8 1/2 " ceramic socket black domesUp to 150 watt$20 
100 watt ceramic heat emitter100 watt screw in heat emitter$21 
150 watt ceramic heat emitter150 watt screw in heat emitter $22 
Sunglaw 10 UVB bulbProduces required UVB for turtles and Iguanas$22 
Tank AddonDivider in Tank$29 
Tank AddonBasking Platform in Tank$33[Pictures] 
Tank AddonFittings from bulkhead - valve - fitting for hose connection for draining.$42 
Tank AddonRamp in Tank$48[Pictures] 
Tank AddonHole and Bulkhead (in tank bottom)$55 
Tank Addon2" Stepdown Platform$55 
30 x 12 x 13 TallAcrylic: 20 Long Tank, Platform, Ramp$165[Pictures] 
20 x 10 x 13 TallAcrylic: 10 Gal. Tank, Platform, Ramp$201[Pictures] 
24 x 12 x 13 TallAcrylic: 15 Long Tank, Platform, Ramp$209[Pictures] 
36 x 18 x 17 TallGlass: Tank, Platform, and Ramp$220 
24 x 12 x 17 TallAcrylic: 20 Tall Tank, Platform, Ramp$245[Pictures] 
48 x 18 x 17 TallGlass: 65 Gal. Tank, Platform, and Ramp$262 
30 x 12 x 17 TallAcrylic: 29 Gal. Tank, Platform, Ramp$277[Pictures] 
48 x 18 x 25 TallGlass: 90 Gal. Tank, Platform, and Ramp$358 
48 x 24 x 25 TallGlass: 120 Gal. Tank, Platform, and Ramp$567 
72 x 18 x 25 TallGlass: 135 Gal. Tank, Platform, and Ramp$572 
60 x 24 x 25 TallGlass: 150 Gal. Tank, Platform, and Ramp$931 
72 x 24 x 25 TallGlass: 180 Gal. Tank, Platform, and Ramp$950 
72 x 24 x 25 TallGlass: 180 Gal. Tank, 2 Platforms, and Ramp$1031