Acrylic Aquarium Cubes
Acrylic Cubes can be used as aquariums, sump tanks, or holding tanks. These have one piece eurobraced tops as pictured below.
Typically, these cube aquariums can not be modified. All of these sizes can be made as regular acrylic aquariums. See the acrylic aquariums category.
Acrylic aquariums are clear!
Any blue plastic you see is merely a protective sheet that can be easily pealed off.
Acrylic aquariums up to and including 135 gallons have rounded front corners.
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Acrylic Aquarium Cubes (Sample Picture)
Acrylic polishing kitAcrylic polishing kit for $ 65.00. Kit requires a drill. Inquire for list of supplies that comes with kit.$0. 
20x20x12Top(Extra): $14$147 
12x12x16Top(Extra): $10$147 
12x12x12Top(Extra): $10$147 
12x12x24Top(Extra): $10$155 
16x16x16Top(Extra): $12$156 
20x20x16Top(Extra): $14$169 
16x16x24Top(Extra): $12$180 
20x20x24Top(Extra): $14$250 
24x24x24Top (Extra) $14$323 
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